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Vitamin K - Phylloquinone


Vitamin K, a fat soluble vitamin, has a very important role to play in the body. Vitamin K is responsible for ensuring that the blood clots properly. Without this very important function even the smallest cut could lead to serious blood loss. Vitamin K is also known to help in the correct formation of bones.

Like all of the fat soluble vitamins including vitamins A, D and E vitamin K is stored in the body's fat tissue.

Vitamin K Deficiency.

Vitamin K deficiency is far more likely to occur in people who have intestinal problems, chronic kidney disease or who have insufficient vitamin K intake in their diet.

Symptoms include stomach pains, malformation of developing bones and massive uncontrolled bleeding.

As with all vitamins it is especially important that pregnant and lactating women get enough vitamin K as a deficiency can cause birth defects in infants.

Vitamin K: Recommended Daily Allowance*:

Age Male Female Pregnancy Lactation
0-6 months 2 2    
7-12 months 2.5 2.5    
1-3 years 30 30    
4-8 years 55 55    
9-13 years 60 60    
14-18 years 75 75    
19+ years 90 90    
*All measurements expressed in mcg.