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All About B Vitamins


Vitamin B is the largest group of vitamins consisting of 8 different types of essential organic compounds.

Each of these types of vitamin B plays different but equally vital roles within the body.

All of the vitamin B compounds are water soluble vitamins, meaning that the body cannot store them. They are required constantly by the body and must be taken daily to avoid deficiency.

What do B vitamins do?

As a group the B vitamins are often referred to as B Complex vitamins.

All B vitamins are used by the body to convert food in the form of carbohydrates into fuel in the form of glucose. The body then uses this glucose for energy.

The B vitamins are used by the body to maintain healthy eyes, hair and skin. The liver and central nervous system also requires the B vitamins to function properly.

If you supplement with a particular B vitamin supplement for an extended period you may affect the balance of other B vitamins in the body. To prevent this it may be worth considering a B vitamin complex which will contain all the necessary B vitamins in the correct proportions for the body.