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Natural and Organic Supergreen Powders


What are Supergreens?

Supergreen powders are made from a variety of different plants, including grasses, algae and vegetables. These plants are selected for their high content of phytonutrients and are rammed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and enzymes that are all essential for good human health.

Supergreens are excellent for the digestive system as they contain lots of fibre as well as important digestive enzymes. These promote good digestion and proper bowel movement which ensures that the body is able to extract all the nutrients it needs from foods.

All supergreens contain a substance called chlorophyll. This is what makes plants green, and is where photosynthesis takes place, the plant's engine room if you like. Chlorophyll is extremely beneficial for the body, acting as an anti-inflammatory and working to detoxify through bacterial control.

At Eden Nuganics we stock a number of supergreens and supergreen complexes. As with all our products, our supergreen powders have been selected for their quality and purity. The powders are prepared to ensure that as much of the beneficial properties of the plant are retained as possible.

These powders can be mixed with water or fruit juice or added to any smoothie to easily add supergreens to your diet.