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Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplements


Why Eden Multivitamins?

Multi vitamins are ten-a-penny on supermarket and health food store shelves. In attractive, brightly coloured packaging, they declare their amazing nutritional credentials while at the same time shouting of their incredible value for money. Anyone who has ever spent their hard-earned on a 'bargain' only to have it come back and bite them in the behind will know this equation simply doesn't add up. One look at the ingredients will tell you the vitamins contained within come at a heavy price; cheaply produced ingredients with artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and lots of sugar or chemical sweetener thrown in to help the medicine go down.

This is not the Eden way.

While Multi-Vitamins are not the best answer to a possible nutritional deficiency - a balanced diet is the only real way to go - they do provide a handy way to supplement what could be a nutritional imbalance caused by a busy lifestyle and/or over reliance on pre-packaged foods that may have been processed just a little bit too much to provide much in the way of nutritional grunt.

If you are in the market for a vitamin supplement, it really is worth paying extra for quality. You will find no artificial chemicals or fillers and the nutrients themselves will have been carefully sourced and expressed in forms the body finds easy to assimilate.