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Bob's Best Himalayan Crystal Salt - Coarse - 500g

Bob's Best Coarse Himalayan Crystal Salt 500g
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Packed Weight:
600 g / 1 lbs 0.32 oz

Himalayan Salt - Additive-Free

Full Spectrum Ancient Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt is exactly what it says it is: crystallised salt from beneath the Himalayan mountain range in Pakistan.

The deposits are what remains of prehistoric seas, buried and crushed over millions of years to form a salt of unrivalled purity and structure.

Immense upheavals in the Earth's crust brought this buried treasure close to the surface, predominantly in Pakistan, where it is mined in a traditional way using only minimal tools. The mined chunks are then simply washed and packed for export.

It gets its pink colour from iron oxide and the variety of different minerals locked inside. This additional mineral content, not found in supermarket salt, is what makes this salt so appealing.

Minerals are essential to maintain optimum health so if you can get a dose just by swapping out your salt cellar, then there really is no reason not to.

Course Ground Himalayan Crystal Salt for culinary use.

Suitable for Vegetarians / Vegans
Contains No Additives
Ingredients:Course ground crystal salt
Dimensions:20 x 11 x 2cm
Packed Weight:550g
Produced In:United Kingdom (Devon)

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