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Bob's Best Distilled Water - 5.5 Litres

Bob's Best Distilled Water 5 Litres
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Packed Weight:
5500 g / 12 lbs 0.13 oz

Bob's Best Distilled Water is steam distilled, meaning it has been boiled, evaporated, then condensed back into water again, a process that separates it from its many impurities.

Distilled Water has many uses both industrial and domestic. You may know it best as the preferred top-up water for your car battery. This is because the many impurities in tap water react with the lead and acid in the battery, drastically reducing its life.

Wait a minute. Hold the phone. Tap water is not good enough for my car battery? Then why is it good enough for me?

The short answer is; it's not. Tap water is home to many unseen guests, most of them unwanted. Your average glass of council pop probably contains chlorine, eostrogen, flouride, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. Not something any right thinking individual would want in their glass of 'drinking' water.

The level of contaminants is very low but they could build up in your body over time and cause health issues. This is where Distilled Water can make a difference. Its total purity means your body doesn't have to deal with and flush the impurities from your system, leaving it with capacity to concentrate on the real toxins you consume.

Mineral deficiency
You may have read or heard that drinking distilled water long term can leave you mineral deficient. Not strictly true. Tap water is not mineral water. Unless you were extremely mineral deficient, you would probably not notice the difference. If you are concerned, a good multi-mineral supplement would put your mind at ease.

Diluting Hydrogen Peroxide
Distilled water is also essential if you want to dilute your Hydrogen Peroxide (available from the Home Page). The extra oxygen content in Hydrogen Peroxide would react with the contaminants in tap water, rendering it useless. Distilled water is contaminant free making it the ideal dilution medium.

Once opened, your distilled water should be used within two weeks to guarantee maximum purity.

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