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Activated Charcoal Powder - Natural Teeth Whitener, Detoxifier & Skin Toner/Facial Pack

Large Packet of Activated Charcoal
Large Packet of Activated Charcoal
Detailed View of Activated Charcoal 300g Label
Other Sizes of Activated Charcoal
Scale Image of Activated Charcoal 300g
Features / Benefits
  • COMPLETELY NATURAL SOURCE - Produced from Coconut Husk and activated using pure oxygen.
  • GREAT FOR GENERAL DETOX - Wide range of personal care uses.
  • EXTREMELY FINE PARTICLE SIZE - For the best possible active surface area increasing potency.
  • BP GRADE (CODEX) - Superior to Food Grade, the highest purity available and used by the professionals.
  • PREPARED & PACKAGED BY HAND - To maintain accuracy of contents and reduce waste.
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Activated Charcoal, also known as Active Carbon is amounst other things, a powerful natural detoxifier and a very effective tooth whitener.

Naturally grown coconut shells are burned at extremely high temperatures and later refined to produce our Activated Charcoal.

The activation process alters the structure of the charcoal by increasing it's surface area. It also changes the ionic charge of the charcoal, giving it a negative charge. This causes it to become attracted to positively charged toxins and pathogens where it becomes stuck to their surface. It does not absorb toxins, it sticks to them or is adsorbed.

The natural attraction and adsorption properties of charcoal make it useful as both a digestive aid and as an effective tooth whitener. Can also be applied to skin.

Our Activated Charcoal has been ultra refined to B.P.C 1934 (British Pharmaceutical Codex) standards and is the only grade safe for human ingestion. Other types of charcoal products may contain unwanted contaminants and should not be used for use with humans or animals.

Activated Charcoal is also commonly used in many life saving technologies such as gas masks, water filters, air purifiers and even as an antidote to some poisons.

Supplied in a resealable and recyclable packet.


Product Form:
300 g / 10.58 oz
BP Grade
Suitable for Vegetarians:
Suitable for Vegans:
Gluten Free:
Contains No:
Stabilisers, GMOs, Dairy, Nuts, Preservatives, Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours, PET, BPA, Pthalates, Parabens, Anti-Caking Agents, Sugar, Yeast, Wheat, Barley, Fish, Egg, Milk, Soy, Peanuts
Produced in:
United Kingdom
Packed Weight:
322 g / 11.36 oz
Reusable Container:

Suggested Usage

Digestive Aid: Take a minimum of one quarter teaspoon (1g) in 100ml of purified water or fruit juice at least 30 minutes before meal. Repeat shortly after eating. It is important that Activated Charcoal is taken before and after meals to effectively reduce intestinal gas. Has no flavour or odour and has no after-taste. Safe for humans and animals. Consult your healthcare professional before use if taking medication or are pregnant or nursing.
Detox: Take up to one teaspoon of activated charcoal in 200ml of purified water, three times daily after meals. Ensure you remain well hydrated throughout the day by drinking small quantities of water regularly. Safe for humans and animals. Consult your healthcare professional before use if taking medication or are pregnant or nursing.
Oral Hygiene: For best results dip head of wet toothbrush into powder and brush teeth for one to two minutes twice daily. Rinse mouth and toothbrush thoroughly and brush again for up to thirty seconds to remove any remaining residue. To avoid contamination always apply to toothbrush from palm of hand. Not harmful if swallowed. If you suffer with bleeding gums or have oral health issues consult your dentist.
Pets: Activated Charcoal can nutritionally support animals by improving digestive health and supporting healthy detoxification. Adjust dose according to bodyweight.


Activated Charcoal from Coconut Husk.


The natural adsorption properties of charcoal may reduce effectiveness of medications.


Store sealed in a cool dark place, away from moisture and out of reach and sight of children.

Warnings / Safety Information

Open carefully to avoid inhalation. Fine particles may cause respiratory issues.

If you are pregnant, nursing, using medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this or any other dietary supplement.

Serving Size:

Each 150g packet contains 150 servings (approx)

One heaped, rounded teaspoon weighs approx 4g

One heaped, rounded tablespoon weighs approx 12g

More Information

  • Suitable for Human Consumption
  • Removes Plaque & Whitens Teeth
  • Prevents Intestinal Gas Accumulation and Reduces Flatulence
  • Derived From Natural Coconut Shell
  • Refined & Purified - Non-Toxic
  • Contains No Additives

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