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Bob's Best 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Sanitizer Spray - 500ml

3% Hydrogen Peroxide Sanitizer Spray 500ml
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Packed Weight:
740 g / 2 lbs

3% Hydrogen Peroxide - Additive-Free

Purest Food-Grade - Non-Toxic

Hydrogen Peroxide is water - H2O - with an additional oxygen atom - H2O2. That's all there is to it.

It is this extra oxygen that gives Hydrogen Peroxide its wide range of beneficial uses such as its ability to kill many forms of pathogen, such as germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

This ability makes it an almost perfect non-toxic, chemical free cleaner. Simply spray onto your surfaces, leave for a minute then wipe away. It leaves no chemical residue and simply breaks down into water and oxygen.

Supplied in a secure, non-spray bottle sealed inside a plastic bag and cardboard tube (to prevent light degradation) with a separate, empty 500ml spray bottle for you to decant your hydrogen peroxide into. A handy information sheet is also enclosed.

Suitable for Vegetarians / Vegans
Contains No Additives
Ingredients:Hydrogen peroxide, distilled water
Dimensions:25 x 10 x 6cm
Packed Weight:800g
Origin:United Kingdom (Devon)
Produced In:United Kingdom (Devon)

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