Distilled Water
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Distilled Water

Bob's Best Distilled Water 5 Litres
Bob's Best Distilled Water is steam distilled and supplied in superior HDPE jerry cans to eliminate chemical leaching into the water.
Ultra Pure
5.5 litres
In Stock
OUR PRICE: £15.18
Bob's Best Distilled Water 15 Litres
A handy bulk pack of our Premium Distilled Water. Represents great value for money and is supplied in a plastic non-leaching HDPE container.
Ultra Pure
15 litres
In Stock
OUR PRICE: £38.40
Bob's Best Distilled Water 25 Litres
If you get through your distilled water like there's no tomorrow, our largest bulk pack will provide you with the greatest saving. Also supplied in a plastic non-leaching HDPE container.
Ultra Pure
25 Litres
In Stock
OUR PRICE: £60.00
Double Distilled Water

Distilled Water - What is it?

Distilled Water is simply water that has been boiled until it turns to steam, then condensed back into water again. This little journey separates the water from its many unseen and unwanted travelling companions, leaving them high and dry and ready for disposal.

Very informative. Why should I care?

Well, tap water today looks clean and pure but it may be hiding a multitude of sins; chlorine, eostrogen, flouride, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals are just some of the impurities that any properly health conscious individual would rather were not dissolved in their drinking water. Distilled water contains zero contaminants and is ultra pure.

Mineral deficiency

You may read that drinking distilled water long term could be detrimental to your health because you'll be missing out on the dose of minerals provided by tap water. This is not strictly true. The mineral content of tap water is very low so unless you were extremely mineral deficient, you would probably not notice the difference. If you are concerned, a good multi-mineral supplement would put your mind at ease.

Diluting Hydrogen Peroxide

Distilled water is also essential if you want to dilute your Hydrogen Peroxide (available from the Home Page). The extra oxygen content in Hydrogen Peroxide would react with the contaminants in tap water, causing it to decompose rapidly. Distilled water is contaminant free making it the ideal dilution medium.